Wednesday 100318

15 min. to complete…
1a) Deadlift 3×55%, 3×65%, 3×75%x3
1b) Inverted Ring Rows 3×15
Workout of the Day:
EMOM for 10 min…
Odd 100m Sprint
Even15 Toes to Bar
-Rest 1 min. – then-
EMOM for 10 min…
Odd 5 Back Squats 155/105
Even15 Pull-Ups
*Adjust reps/# as necessary to maintain a rest period at the end of the minute. The point of an EMOM is to get the heart rate up quickly, then allow it time to recover before getting the rate up again.
“Partner WoD”
Buy In 400m Run Together
30 Partner Jump Over Burpees
100 T2B
60 Partner Jump Rope (Each)
100 Jumping Squats
30 Partner Plank Hand Tap
100 V Ups
Cash Out 800m Run Together

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