Wednesday 021418

15 min. to complete…
1a) Overhead Squat – 65% (of snatch) x 5 x 3; 3 sec pause in bottom

1b) 3 x 15 Weighted Sit-Ups
Workout of the Day:
12 min. AMRAP of…
10 Shoulder-to-Shoulder Sandbag Push Presses AHAP***
5 Sandbag Drag Push-Ups w/ PP weight
10 D/B Sprints (D=1,B=2)
17 min AMRAP……….
3 Squat w/2 knee touches into a bar tap
8 Power Balls
50 Singles
5 Burpees
8 Russian Twists (L/R=1)
Swim 100m, recover 1:00 minute until pace/form deteriorate.
Hold reps within 3 seconds of each other.
(Row-swim distance x 5)

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