Tuesday 062017

1) Tabata Farmer Carry 95/65
2) Tabata BB Step-Ups, 35-40% 1RM Back Squat/Box at 90 degrees
Workout of the Day:
5 rounds for time of…
8 Deadlifts 225/165
10 DB Press 65/35
400m Run
Pyramid Work
1 Back Squat-10 Push Ups
2 Back Squats-9 Push Ups
3 Back Squats- 8 Push Ups
4 Back Squats-7 Push Ups
5 Back Squats-6 Push Ups
6 Back Squats-5 Push Ups
7 Back Squats-4 Push Ups
8 Back Squats-3 Push Ups
9 Back Squats-2 Push Ups
10 Back Squats 1 Push Ups
REST 2 Min
Same Pyramid w/ Sit Ups and Wall Balls
Run 8 x 3:00, rest 1:30

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