Saturday 061717

Workout of the Day:
In Teams of 3…
AMRAP in 30 minutes of…
P1: 5 Thrusters – AHAP
P2: OH Med Ball Hold 20/14
P3: Continuous Singles
Rotate after P1 completes Thrusters;
after each athlete has completed Thrusters,
each person completes 10 Burpees then rest 1 minute
(minute rest starts when last person completes their burps).
Power Clean (60%x1, 65%x1, 70%x1)x3
OHS – Max for Day
Jerk 3×2 @ 80%
Weighted Push-Ups 3×10 – AHAP with perfect form
Repeat -10;00 bike, rest 5:00 until pace/form deteriorate

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