Saturday 041418

7am SkinnyFit/CrossFit class only
8am OLY class
9am class- Rowing Class
Workout of the Day:
With a partner, Fight Gone Bad Style…
5, 2 minute rounds…
ME Back Squats 85/55
ME DB Push Press 40/25
MD Farmer Carry 2/1.5 (D/B or 100m D/B)
ME Burpees
REST 1 min
*P1 works for 1 min, switch, P2 for 1 min then rotate to next movement
Front Squat 10 x 2 @ 60% w/ 1 min. rest between
Snatch Max for Day
Clean & Jerk Max for Day
Weighted Sit Ups 4×10
Bike 7.5 mile @ 95% of 7.5
mile TT

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