Monday 110617

click bring go here SWoD: 15 min. to complete…
1) 2-Position Snatch (floor, mid-thigh) – 65% x 4 sets
2) 2-Position Clean (floor, mid-thigh) – 65% x 4 sets
click Workout of the Day:
10 min. AMRAP of…
D Bear Crawl
10 Sit-Ups
B Bear Crawl
10 Push-Ups
-rest 1 min.-
2 min. AMRAP of…
Jumping Air Squats
Score=total reps/rounds + total squats
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6 Rounds…..
11-Box Jumps
100m Run
12-Weighted DB Step Ups
9-Push Ups Endurance:
3 rounds for time/reps
Bike 200m 
30 sec AMRAP
Bent over B.B. row- 135/95 
Bike 400m 
1:00 AMRAP 
Sandbag Push Press 50/20
Bike 800m (D/B from the door)
2:00 AMRAP 
Med ball alt. Lateral lunge

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