Monday 080717

new monday
15 min. to complete…
1A) 3-Position Clean – x 5 sets @ 70% 1RM Clean
1B) KB Push-Press – 3×5 each arm; moderately heavy with perfect form
Workout of the Day:
5 rounds for time of…
10 DB Floor Press
15 DB Deadlifts
10 DB Cleans
*AHAP for weakest movement; you may only use 1 set of DB’s.
“Feisty 50”
50 Air Squats
50 DB Straight Leg Chop Sit Ups
50 Goblet Squats
50 Push Ups
50 Step Ups
50 Hollow Body Hold 3 Step AB Rotation
50 Power Balls
50 Reverse Prisoner Lunges

Bike 12 x 1:00, rest 1:00 

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