Monday 020518


15 min. to complete…
1) 3RM Clean (10 min.)
2) EMOM for 5 min…3 Power Cleans at 95% #1
Workout of the Day:
Fibonacci Final (modified)
For time, 5-8-13 reps of…
Handstand Push-Ups
DB Deadlifts 100/55
Then, 100’ OH KB Lunge 1p/25# KB*
* use 2 KB OH
8 Rounds…..
8 Ball burpee w/ ball jump
10 Russian twist w/ ball
8 Straight arm jump w/ ball
10 Straight arm Ab raises w/ball
8 WB
Bike-1:00 minute on, 30 seconds off until pace/form deteriorate.
Hold work intervals above 100 RPM.

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