Friday 101218

Workout of the Day:
A tribute to the memories made, the fun had & the family gained! We are…TBC! Each of you has made this gym what it became, a special place to be with friends, a place to get stronger and healthier, a place to destress & socialize! A place to call our 2nd home! From comps to cookouts, Thanksgiving dinners to happy-hour-Christmas-sweater-wearing holiday parties, we have become a family. While we will soon close the doors on our memories of The Body Compound & open the doors to our new chapter, one thing will never change, our bond as gym-mates and family! So, here’s to cherished memories of the past & to new memories of the future. Enjoy this WoD and thank you for being a very special part of our 2nd family! Your COACHES!

With a Partner, 35 MIN. AMRAP OF…
Burpees (Sea Saw Style) 50 reps
Over the Box Jumps (continuous) 24/20 – 40 reps
Deadlifts with your partner (or unison Gorilla Deadlifts) 315/225 – 30 reps
Y not Row, Ring Row that is… 20 reps
400m Run (together)
Carry those Dumbbells 200m/split 50/35
Oh, I guess you should squat! OHS 105/75 – 20 reps
More Burpees, don’t be mad! (sea saw) 30 reps
Power Clean with Dumbbells 50/35 – 40 reps
One more set of Burpees. Its ok, everybody loves Burpees! 50 reps
Ut oh, Turkish Get Ups! Don’t worry, it is just 4 each! 1.5/1
No WoD is complete without Russian Kettlebell Swings! 1.5/1 40 reps
Don’t forget your Toes to Bar! 30 reps

*unless noted otherwise, split reps evenly.

After Bash: Sit around, do some mobility and share your favorite TBC memories!

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