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Wednesday 022118

15 min. to complete…
1a) Front Squat – Heavy Single; 80% of that 2 x 2
1b) 3 x ME Handstand Holds
Workout of the Day:
5 rounds for time of…
5 Hang Power Snatch 85/55
5 Push Press 85/55
5 Cleans 85/55
5 Evil Wheels*
200m Run
*athlete may not let go of the bar (or pause excessively while the bar is on the floor) until the 200m run. Letting go of the bar/pausing = 20 DU penalty for each drop/pause, to be completed after the workout.
16 min Amrap……….
6 Front Squats w/ Sandbag
6 Over the Sandbag Burpee
6 Push Press w/Sandbag
20 min AMRAP
Swim 50m, Recover 30 seconds
(Row-swim distance x 5)

Wednesday 022118

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