SkinnyFit Classes

We are so excited to announce SkinnyFit powered by The Body Compound. This fat blasting program is designed to sculpt lean muscle while constantly burning calories long after you leave the class! Our intense workouts will shock your body and keep you coming back for more. Check out the class schedule for days and times offered. If current members want to SkinnyFit, no problem, you can use one of your sessions from your BC membership. If this is something you would like to add to your 3x or unlimited membership. We also have a per class charge or punch cards for 10 or 20 classes (see pricing) If you know of someone else who would be interested that is not a CrossFitter, they can come too….. No Intro or Elements needed.

Just a head up these workouts are still HARD. It is not an easier CrossFit. It will be longer and a more body weight movement focused program and it WORKS!

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